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What I think about..Planner Perfect and Scripting

TN “Coco” by Designs by Planner Perfect

On a quest to find a system that would fit better with my lifestyle at the time, last year I discovered Planner Perfect journals and planners for travelers notebooks. I had never used a “TN” other than for journaling, but Jenny Peyton’s beautiful hand drawn illustrations drew me in. I ordered the subscription box which was kinda pricey at $55 a month but I was curious and seeking a change. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was purchasing was more than a new planner, it was a totally new method of planning which lead to a different way of thinking and living.

Designs By Planner Perfect – Monthly Planner Books

Jenny’s self described “scripting” method is more than a way to plan your day. It is a way to script out your steps for the day, minute by minute if wanted. You can began my saying “wake up at 5 am and hit the ground running” or “sleep in until I wake up naturally”. You write down however you visualize your day going. Eat breakfast, let out the dog, rejoice in the beauty of the day, write 50 pages, get 10 loads of laundry done. Whatever it is. Just written down as a progressive day of events instead of the traditional “to-do” list.

Scripting Method by Planner Perfect

While the journals are beautiful and the paper quality is excellent, they are expensive and consumable monthly. This is a serious investment, especially if you want to use multiple planners. I have evaluated more than once whether I should continue with my monthly subscription and always stay and here is why. These planner “books” are more than just plans. They are my thoughts on paper that can be treasured for years after I am gone. I have four daughters that I hope will one day be curious how I did things, what I thought, what a mundane day looked like. Having decided this, I have “tweaked” my notebooks to include a reflection section to sum up what actually happened that day and often include a picture or two. Now this planner has become not only a record of my days, but a memory keeper of our lives. This more than justifies the cost to me.

For more information on Planner Perfect and Jenny’s scripting method, please visit the Designs by Planner Perfect website. There you will find a link to her YouTube channel and many videos describing her method in detail and tons of advice for beginning this journey. The link will also give you $15 off your first order.


planning is personal

The act of Planning is an important and personal part of living. Whether you use paper, plug dates in your phone or just remember the to-do’s, you are planning. And it’s personal.

As I have traveled through the years, my planning has changed and evolved to meet every stage of my life. When I was in elementary school, it was the daily agenda the teacher passed out to each student that drew me in. The way the agenda smelled, the touch of it, I loved everything about it. I was hooked. After that, I was using those free calendars from the Hallmark stores to track my days, write down activities and keep up with birthdays.

I was happy with a wall calendar and a work desk calendar for a most of my adult life. And then it happened. My mom introduced me to a Franklin Covey “planner”. Wow, it was a revelation and I was mesmerized by all the possibilities. Daily, weekly – vertical and horizontal. I loved it all, and I never turned back.

I used my Covey Planner for years keeping up with work, kids schedules, to-do lists. Then BAM something else happened. After purchasing my first Erin Condren LifePlanner through a link on a fellow homeschoolers blog (, I discovered the planner community and decorative stickers! Life changing! Thanks Jen!

What hasn’t changed through the years is my need to use my planner to keep up with life and all of those in it. Friends, family, doctors, information, dates, work…… It’s all personal to me. It’s my life. Sometimes in this age of social media, we get too sweep up with the latest planner, sticker, even highlighter! As you continue to plan out your life, just remember to be true to what works for you. Don’t get caught up in the gimmies. What you have will work and the planning community is about much more than just product. If you let it, it can become your extended family. And they will love you unconditionally, no matter what planner you use.


A new plan.

As I am entering the “fall” of my life, I find myself in a bit of the unfamiliar, a funk if you will. I have spent the past 33 years with children at home and my purpose and “plan” clearly defined and familiar. August is only five months away and I will be sending the baby of the family off to college. To add to the change, my position of twelve years was eliminated with cuts during COVID so I no longer “plan” for my job. Nor do I have any inkling of what I want to do with my life. I am not old yet. I have a lot of life to live!

So, it’s time for a new plan. A plan for me. What do I LOVE to do? Well, PLAN of course! I have decided to begin this blog to do a bit of self-discovery, share my love of planners and planning and hopefully make connections with like minded people. I would especially love to connect with those of you who find yourselves in a Funk as well!

Welcome to Kathee Plans.

An Introduction

Welcome to my Planner Place!

Getting out of my own way, with a planner in my hand.

— Me.

Hi and welcome to my blog where I plan to share about all things paper and planners! My name is Kathee and I am the mother of four daughters and grandmother to four! I have had a love of paper since elementary school; and a planner since I got my first free calendar at the Hallmark store! (Remember those little calendars by the checkout?) Am I showing my age? Oh well……

I will begin posting here regularly soon, but for now, please visit me on Instagram @katheeplans. I am so looking forward to sharing my love of planner and look forward to getting to know you. I only found the planner community a couple of years ago, and it has changed my life! I found my Peeps!

Hope to see you here or on Instagram!