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An Introduction

Welcome to my Planner Place!

Getting out of my own way, with a planner in my hand.

— Me.

Hi and welcome to my blog where I plan to share about all things paper and planners! My name is Kathee and I am the mother of four daughters and grandmother to four! I have had a love of paper since elementary school; and a planner since I got my first free calendar at the Hallmark store! (Remember those little calendars by the checkout?) Am I showing my age? Oh well……

I will begin posting here regularly soon, but for now, please visit me on Instagram @katheeplans. I am so looking forward to sharing my love of planner and look forward to getting to know you. I only found the planner community a couple of years ago, and it has changed my life! I found my Peeps!

Hope to see you here or on Instagram!


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