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A new plan.

As I am entering the “fall” of my life, I find myself in a bit of the unfamiliar, a funk if you will. I have spent the past 33 years with children at home and my purpose and “plan” clearly defined and familiar. August is only five months away and I will be sending the baby of the family off to college. To add to the change, my position of twelve years was eliminated with cuts during COVID so I no longer “plan” for my job. Nor do I have any inkling of what I want to do with my life. I am not old yet. I have a lot of life to live!

So, it’s time for a new plan. A plan for me. What do I LOVE to do? Well, PLAN of course! I have decided to begin this blog to do a bit of self-discovery, share my love of planners and planning and hopefully make connections with like minded people. I would especially love to connect with those of you who find yourselves in a Funk as well!

Welcome to Kathee Plans.


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