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What I think about..Planner Perfect and Scripting

TN “Coco” by Designs by Planner Perfect

On a quest to find a system that would fit better with my lifestyle at the time, last year I discovered Planner Perfect journals and planners for travelers notebooks. I had never used a “TN” other than for journaling, but Jenny Peyton’s beautiful hand drawn illustrations drew me in. I ordered the subscription box which was kinda pricey at $55 a month but I was curious and seeking a change. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I was purchasing was more than a new planner, it was a totally new method of planning which lead to a different way of thinking and living.

Designs By Planner Perfect – Monthly Planner Books

Jenny’s self described “scripting” method is more than a way to plan your day. It is a way to script out your steps for the day, minute by minute if wanted. You can began my saying “wake up at 5 am and hit the ground running” or “sleep in until I wake up naturally”. You write down however you visualize your day going. Eat breakfast, let out the dog, rejoice in the beauty of the day, write 50 pages, get 10 loads of laundry done. Whatever it is. Just written down as a progressive day of events instead of the traditional “to-do” list.

Scripting Method by Planner Perfect

While the journals are beautiful and the paper quality is excellent, they are expensive and consumable monthly. This is a serious investment, especially if you want to use multiple planners. I have evaluated more than once whether I should continue with my monthly subscription and always stay and here is why. These planner “books” are more than just plans. They are my thoughts on paper that can be treasured for years after I am gone. I have four daughters that I hope will one day be curious how I did things, what I thought, what a mundane day looked like. Having decided this, I have “tweaked” my notebooks to include a reflection section to sum up what actually happened that day and often include a picture or two. Now this planner has become not only a record of my days, but a memory keeper of our lives. This more than justifies the cost to me.

For more information on Planner Perfect and Jenny’s scripting method, please visit the Designs by Planner Perfect website. There you will find a link to her YouTube channel and many videos describing her method in detail and tons of advice for beginning this journey. The link will also give you $15 off your first order.


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